/>run unETH.bat -i presale

/>info.bat -unETH_nft_presale







/>run unETH.exe -presale -e01






/>run unstableMCP.exe -follow -[#user]



/>run MCP.exe -invite -[#user]





_1120 unique_nfts


preview.bat-i -preview -v1.157




white < green < yellow < blue < pink < red < orange


volatility =
1 < 2 < 3 < 4 < 5


O ≠ I ≠ I/O


cw / ccw


8bit < 16bit < 32bit < 64bit


_mission is an artistic approach to the nft & crypto space, which is dominated by programmer art. So the overall goal was the creation of visually pleasing assets by leveraging programmer tools to achieve large quantities.

the idea was born out of the fascination for the crypto space, with its religious tendencies, fandom, volatility, blind believes, hopes and possibilities.

the results are a commentary to the market its various conditions and its participants.

the vision of an ever evolving community driven nft collection is coming from the idea that artsy stuff should be affordable to almost everyone, so no one is excluded and everyone is able to contribute and profit with minimal effort.



_unstablelabs & digital minions <ice> created a blockchain science lab with the singular goal to visualize and capture highly volatile digital assets like ethereum in their natural habitat and various market states; on the blockchain.

in complex and lengthy experiments eventually discovered the right algorythmn and were able to slow down eth so much that it is possible to get a clear image of ethereum.

the final results are looped unique pure captures of every possible market state of ethereum, called unETH_capture‘.

after the initial captures _unstables set up a photobooth_remix‘ for everyone to use, where you are able to take a random snapshot of the market. the goal is to have enough of these snapshots to fuse/merge them together and create an unique and looping unETH gif. they will be fed into a constantly evolving nft collection driven by the community.



  • people that have an affinity for nfts, tech, crypto and blockchain.
  • like Sci-Fi like Blade Runner, Tron, Brazil, MR Robot and similar settings and visuals.
  • are retro hipsters, gamers, demoscene coders, people that remember how to crack apps or old enough to remember more analogue and serial bus times.
  • think unstablecoin is funny or pleasing to look at.
  • need a visual representation of their wealth.
  • want to participate in an endless nft art project.
  • want to be part of a community collection.


/>qa.exe -faq

NFTs, or Non Fungible Tokens, are unique assets that live on the Ethereum blockchain. NFTs can be anything—drawings, GIFs, videos, music, text. When you purchase an NFT artwork, you are owning a unique contract attributing both the creator and collectors of said artwork.

Like with regular fiat, you store your crypto currency in a wallet. Some wallets, such as MetaMask, have separate sections for cryptocurrency and collectibles. You must connect your wallet account to a.nft via the “Connect Wallet” button in the header menu. Select “Log in” for Metamask, or “Log in with Wallet Connect” for more options.

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